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After all the hard work you put into planning, designing and executing a great marketing program for your business, you’d think the perfect world will let you sit back and watch the results come in.

Sorry to say, this isn’t a perfect world.

You need to test, evaluate, adjust, implement, and test again.

A marketing audit can help in this process.

Of course, conducting a marketing audit isn’t always easy.

First, you need to be willing to admit that your business has weaknesses – and that’s tough enough in itself.

A marketing audit also requires an in-depth understanding of your current internal and external environment.

Follow along in this book to learn what a marketing audit is, why you need one for your business, the process, and the outcomes you can expect from a marketing audit for your business.

Marketing Audit Guide, What It Is, Why Your Business Needs One, and How to Do It

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About My book


Marketing strategy is so important to a small business, yet oftentimes marketing initiatives are relegated to the bottom of a business owner’s to do list — after sales, operations and finance.

I understand.

Without some background and training, marketing can seem superfluous and unnecessary.

A focus on sales – and that big sales win — is more likely to get a business owner’s adrenalin pumping.

Getting the office into shape, hiring under control, manufacturing processes defined, and financial processes established can be so satisfying when you cross off the items on your to-do list.

Yet the lack of a comprehensive overarching strategy can lead business owners to decisions that might not be the best for the company’s long-term health and, in fact, could stifle the organization.

In my book, I cover the basics of marketing strategy in simple, direct, easy-to-understand language and direction.

Business Marketing Strategy, A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Success for Your Small Business

Click here for a free digital copy of my book Marketing Audit Guide
Click here for the paperback version